The Voyage After Magellan

Sailing, Sailing...

The Victoria ShipSebastian del Cano took command of the last three ships.  He burned Concepcion one of the three ships because it was damgaed by shipworms, and sailed off to the Spice Islands.   Then Trinidad began to leak and that had to be abandond.  The last ship was the Victoria (pictured at the right), which was commanded by Sebastion del Cano.  Forty-seven Europeans and 13 natives went abord the ship for Spain.   The Victoria continued west and made it to Cape of Good Hope and then North across the Atlantic.  They arrived at Seville on September 8, 1522.  Only 17 Europeans and 4 East Indians were still alive.  After about 3 years, the vessel Victoria had sailed the globe.

Map of Magellan's Journey

The World is spinning...and spinning, and spinning...Although Magellan did not make it around the world himself, his courage , determination and, navigation skills made the attept possible.  He traveled from East to West, traveld through the dangerous straight, and saw the vast ocean which was soon to be discovered.  In his life he has done many thngs for the history of navigation.   His skills of sailing will be kept as a memory in all.  In all of us as the man who "circumnavigated the world."